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Welcome to all pokemon fans. Explore the newly discovered Shano Region. Your goal as a trainer is either to go to each city and win the badges to become champion, or your goal is to be the top coordinator. Now let your legacy begin.
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Pokeball--200 Pokedollars
Great Ball--600 Pokedollars
Ultra Ball--1200 Pokedollars
Master Ball--50,000 Pokedollars
Dive Ball--1000 Pokedollars
Luxury Ball--1000 Pokedollars
Nest Ball--1000 Pokedollars
Net Ball--1000 Pokedollars
Premier Ball--(Every ten pokeballs you buy you get one of these)Pokedollars
Repeat Ball--1000 Pokedollars
Safari Ball--1000 Pokedollars
Timer Ball--1000 Pokedollars
Cherish Ball--1000 Pokedollars
Dream Ball--1000 Pokedollars
Dusk Ball--1000 Pokedollars
Heal Ball--1000 Pokedollars
Quick ball--1000 Pokedollars

~:~Held Items~:~

Amulet Coin--100 Pokedollars
Black belt--300 Pokedollars
Black Glasses--500 Pokedollars
Blue Scarf--300 Pokedollars
Bright powder--100 Pokedollars
Charcoal--300 Pokedollars
Choice band--500 Pokedollars
Cleanse Tag--100 Pokedollars
Everstone--100 Pokedollars
Exp Share--1000 Pokedollars
Focus Band--800 Pokedollars
Green Scarf--300 Pokedollars
Hard Stone--100 Pokedollars
Lax Incense--4800 Pokedollars
Leftovers--100 Pokedollars
Light Ball--100 Pokedollars
Macho Brace--500 Pokedollars
Magnet--100 Pokedollars
Mental Herb--50 Pokedollars
Miracle Seed--50 Pokedollars
Mystic Water--Pokedollars
Nevermeltice--200 Pokedollars
Pink Scarf--300 Pokedollars
Poison Barb--150 Pokedollars
Quick Claw--200 Pokedollars
Red Scarf--300 Pokedollars
Scope lens--800 Pokedollars
Sea incense--4800 Pokedollars
Sharp beak--1200 Pokedollars
Shell bell--350 Pokedollars
Silk Scarf--300 Pokedollars
Silver Powder--200 Pokedollars
Smoke Ball--100 Pokedollars
Soft sand--200 Pokedollars
Soothe bell--100 Pokedollars
Spell Tag--200 Pokedollars
Twisted spoon--300 Pokedollars
White Herb--100 Pokedollars
Yellow Scarf--300 Pokedollars

~:~Boost/Healing Items~:~

Anitdote--100 Pokedollars
Awakening--150 Pokedollars
Burn Heal--150 Pokedollars
Ice heal--150 Pokedollars
Paralyze Heal--150 Pokedollars
Full heal--200 Pokedollars
Potion--200 Pokedollars
Super potion--600 Pokedollars
Hyper potion--1200 Pokedollars
Max Potion--1800 Pokedollars
Full Restore--3000 Pokedollars
Fresh Water--200 Pokedollars
Zinc--9800 Pokedollars
Protein--9800 Pokedollars
Iron--9800 Pokedollars
Carbos--9800 Pokedollars
X Accuracy--100 Pokedollars
X Attack--100 Pokedollars
X Defend--100 Pokedollars
X Special--100 Pokedollars
X Speed--100 Pokedollars
Soda pop--200 Pokedollars
Revive--1500 Pokedollars
Revival Herb--1000 Pokedollars
Max Revive--2400 Pokedollars
Lemonade--250 Pokedollars
Lava Cookie--100 Pokedollars

~:~Evolution/Leveling Item(s)~:~

Rare Candy--9800 Pokedollars
Dawn Stone--2100 Pokedollars
Dusk Stone--2100 Pokedollars
Fire Stone--2100 Pokedollars
Leaf Stone--2100 Pokedollars
Moon Stone--2100 Pokedollars
Oval Stone--2100 Pokedollars
Shiny Stone--2100 Pokedollars
Sun Stone--2100 Pokedollars
Thunder Stone--2100 Pokedollars
Water Stone--2100 Pokedollars
Deepsea Scale--1000 Pokedollars
Deepsea Tooth--1000 Pokedollars
Dragon Scale--1500 Pokedollars
Metal Coat--2000 Pokedollars
Heart Scale--200 Pokedollars
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Items List
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