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Welcome to all pokemon fans. Explore the newly discovered Shano Region. Your goal as a trainer is either to go to each city and win the badges to become champion, or your goal is to be the top coordinator. Now let your legacy begin.
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 Asin: The Blue Fox

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Full Name: Asin Tairin

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Classification: Trainer

Physical Description: Asin is an average height and healthy-weighing teen with a light-purple and silver hair mix, as well as blood-red eyes. His primary clothing color of choice is a specific shade of blue, and he always has a tail-like extension hanging from his waist to signal a blue-fox appearance, which is also his nickname. He wears two gauntlets called armguards containing the colors black, blue, and gold, along with spikes poking out of the gauntlets. The gauntlets have extending black “coatings” for each hand that covers both middle and ring fingers. Furthermore, he is usually seen with the same outfit and accessories displayed below.

Visual Image: Click Here

Hometown: The Bamboo Forest

History: During Asin Tairin’s childhood, he was always looked down upon and made fun of. Due to this, Asin isolated himself from the world and lived an independent and lonely life, free from the world in a large bamboo forest. However, when a man was in need of help due to aching wounds, Asin helped save the man’s life. In return, the man spent his days teaching Asin a variety of martial arts and fighting techniques, quickly revealing his potential. As the training continued, Asin quickly became an expert fighter and even surpassed the man. Growing weak from the wounds, the man, who was now not only Asin’s trainer but closest friend, soon passed away. When he did, Asin respectfully laid him to rest and took the man’s weapons, the armguards, for his own. With them, he was truly unstoppable. Grown power hungry, he vowed to take down any opposing threat that challenged him, and succeed in whatever he did or aimed to do.

Pokemon: Believing he only needed himself, Asin never met or relied on anyone for anything. He remained isolated in the Bamboo Forest and practiced what he would do with his master daily, growing stronger and stronger. One day, as he was practicing his daily warm-up routine in the forest, a strange pokemon jumped out from the bamboo forest and mimicked Asin. Astonished by the pokemon, he continued to do various training exercises, which the pokemon quickly followed with ease. When the two met eye to eye for the first time then, they both felt that sudden and undeniable connection. Out of nowhere, the pokemon, Riolu, leaped towards Asin, punching, kicking, and attacking him with great speed. Asin, defending himself and responding, did the same as they went at each other for hours and hours....and hours. Tired and wasted, they both took a break back to back, sitting on the ground, surrounded by the endless bamboo trees around them. That was when, after a long period of excessive breathing, they both smiled simultaneously. He knew it. Riolu knew it. They knew it. They were rivals, friends, competitors….……partners.

Personality: As said, Asin is a self-reliant, confident, cunning, and power-hungry man that never backs down from a fight, and seems to only trust Riolu.

Starter: Riolu (Male)

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I give you a


Ability: Inner Focus

Attacks: Quick Attack, Foresight, Counter, Brick Break
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Asin: The Blue Fox
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