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 Breeding Rules

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PostSubject: Breeding Rules   Breeding Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jun 03, 2012 11:24 pm

What is pokemon breeding?

The name is pretty self explanatory; Pokemon breeding is a method of making a new Pokémon by producing and hatching an egg. In the anime, it also refers to Pokémon grooming and caretaking. In Katsu as well, it refers to both.

Pokémon can be bred by leaving two compatible Pokémon together for a certain amount of time - of which will be explained in this topic.


Breeders can create a topic to start breeding and to get request from other trainers. In here for the female pokemon to lay an egg and hatch it, you need to create a post of 600 words of you taking care of the pokemon and such. (Note, if you have a pokemon specifically using it's special ability in this thread to speed up the hatching process, the word requirement will only be 450.)

If you want an unofficial breeding site just to breed something really quick (IC in a thread, rather than OOC in a 'training' thread) Pokemon Breeder's can set up one themselves and leave the two pokemon to their business. You can come back in 1 page of RP and they'll be done, and after 1 more page of RP, the female with produce an Egg. Hatching said egg will take 4 pages of walking around with it in your party.

The following things come into play:

1. You only breed:
-Ditto x Any Pokemon
-Same Species x Same Species (Ex: Pidgey x Pidgey)
-Same evolution family x Same evolution family (Ex: Blaziken x Combusken)
-Same egg group x Same egg group (Ex: Swablu (flying) x Togetic (flying))

Some pokemon can only breed for their Baby forms with certain incenses:
(Ex: Azumarill x Marill = Marill or if they're holding the Sea incense = Azurill)
Azumarill & Marill - Sea incense = Azurill
Wobbuffet - Lax incense = Wynaut
Roselia & Roserade - Rose incense = Budew
Chimecho - Pure incense = Chingling
Sudowoodo - Rock incense = Bonsly
Mr. Mime - Odd incense = Mime Jr.
Chansey & Blissey - Luck incense = Happiny
Mantine - Wave incense = Mantyke
Snorlax - Full incense = Munchlax

2. With hatching an egg, you have to have it in your Pokemon Party and hold it in your arms for 4 pages of RP. Then it'll hatch, and whatever the female was, that's what will come out.

(Example: If I breed a MALE Staraptor and a FEMALE Togekiss, a Togepi would come out. A Starly wouldn't come out, because the Togekiss can't produce another species egg. The father's role is to pass on possible moves and abilities.)

3. Finally, you cannot breed two pokemon that you just caught. This means that if you just catch a female Scyther in the same page, you can't set up a tent on the same page or sent it to a breeding center. You must wait for it to feel comfortable with you and it's partner before breeding. (Have it in your Party for at least 1 whole page)

4. When hatching an egg most of you must ask... "Where am I getting its info when it hatches?!" ...Well the answer is really simple. Pokemon always hatch at level 5 for them not to be uber weak. Their gender is decided by the owner of the guest. Its ability is going to be the exact same one of its mother. Now the moves... The moves are divided this way:

- Moves in Baby's level up: Of both Parents
- TM moves: Father only
- Egg moves: Either parent
- Move tutor moves: Cannot be bred, unless they're specifically counted as egg moves.

This means that the first two moves are moves learn by level up of both parents. If the Father knows an egg move and/or a TM move, that move is passed on to the baby too.

PLEASE NOTE: that you can store unidentifiable eggs. Basically, if you write a breeding thread and don't specify which parents you used, or which species the offspring will be in general, you can SAVE a slot, basically. You can use up that egg slot later on, and breed a species of your choice, so long as you were capable of doing so in the first place. For example, if a breeder chose to breed without identification, or simple specification, they could later on say "wrote so and so many words" = # of egg slots, and then distribute those slots for use. If you don't understand, please look to an administrator for further explanation.

Also, certified breeders hatch one shiny pokèemon every 9 eggs they produce. So, after 8 eggs hatch, the 9th will be a shiny.

PM an admin with any other questions.
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Breeding Rules
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